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SK p02-03 spread - He was crafted
SK p04-05 spread - Was a gift
SK p06-07 spread - The girl and her
SK p08-09 spread - He drifted away
SK p10-11 spread - and they danced
SK p12-13 spread - Then out of the darkness
SK p14-15 spread - They cast a spell
SK p16-17 spread - He mounted a steed
SK p18-19 spread - Onward they went
SK p20-21 spread - and they sailed
SK p22-23 spread - The turtle it swam
SK p24-25 spread - With the winds
SK p26-27 spread - Chinelos they whirled
SK p28-29 spread - And when the wild
SK p30-31 spread - Onward they marched
SK p32-33 spread - When it seemed
SK p34-35 spread - They soared over mountains
SK p36-37 spread - In that long night
SK p36b-37b spread - There was music
SK p38-39 spread - and dancing
SK p40-41 spread - last page
SK back cover full
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